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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Palm Springs, I Have a Crush on You!

My recent and first trip to Palm Springs was exciting, too brief and left me with the following sights I am still thinking about and loving:

Architecture, architecture architecture!
Mid-century of course!

Use of color and high contrast: 

 Parker Palm Springs Hotel

 Saguaro Palm Springs

 Unexpected color:

Petal pink doors on church near Joshua Tree

Swimming at night

Night time color:


Drinks at the famous Riviera Hotel where Elvis, Sinatra and others entertained

Street Color

 The haunting beauty of Joshua Tree

The fireplace in our vacation rental:

The wonderful Deco bar in my friends rental home:

Looking at all the mid-century furniture for sale-at outlandish prices.  This recovered sofa I fell in love with ran over $3000!

 Unexpected encounters with unusual wildlife; This large bird came over to my car to say hello!

 Following the movie star maps and oogling the homes of past Hollywood greats:

 Elvis's Home

Sinatra's Home ( for a few thousand a night you can rent this-it even still has the chipped bathroom sink where Sinatra threw a champagne bottle at then wife, Ava Gardner!)

Elrod's home used in the James Bond film, "Diamonds are Forever"
was the only disappointment.  It's secluded up in the hills behind a gate.  It is for sale, however, if you've got 13 or 14 million dollars to spare!

 Although we missed a few "must do's" and the thrift stores were a disappointment, I look forward to my next trip back to the dessert.


Unknown said...

looks like you really covered the town!
i'm stoked you got to check out the Saguaro Palm Springs hotel- was it as cool as it looks in pictures?

Marie Brady said...

Sadly, Ms. Rachel, I only did a drive-by. My two boys were under the impression that riding ATV's in the desert was the whole focus of this visit and tired quickly of my "architecture tours"-ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, your trips looks fantastic! I love mid century architecture too. Your photos have totally sold it to me, great post, thank you. Love the sofa too, it reminds me of a Robin Day design.

DTTD imagine.design.create said...

Wow, so many fabulous things to see in Palm Springs! Love the bright colours of the Saguaro Palm Springs. Wish we had colour like that here in boring & bland Ottawa! I love swimming at night too - it's fun to just float and look up at the stars :-) The fireplace is really cool - love the circle motif. Was the large friendly bird a roadrunner?

Elvis's face on the chimney is kind of cool - do you know if it was there before he died?

Thanks for sharing your Palm Springs pictures :-)