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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sweetest Goodbye

 photo by rhoadeecha

 Do you ever feel like a kid in a candy store? Well, lately I do! I feel like there are new opportunities coming into my life adding to the other ones that are already so sweet.

 Almost a year ago, I made the huge jump to get an office in Alameda, CA. While it was GREAT to move all of my colorist supplies out of our home office, it also became the prime location for my second business.  As you can see from the last post, I am a passionate thrifter.  My second business was born when busy friends offered to pay for designer and vintage items I found for them.  Following my passion, a fledgling part time business was born called Port 16 Pop Up Boutique (named after my first little office in Alameda).

 View from my current window

While I continue to do color consulting, I am also working on this side business. Now I am moving my office into the village where I live to make it more convenient for me and my clients. I will miss the view of San Francisco but I will love being able to walk to work! So much good stuff but something's gotta give! 

 As I sat down tonight to write a post on a recent, wonderful kitchen remodel I worked on, I realized that while I love to share my projects and thoughts on color, I have lost the passion (and time) for blogging.  I still love to write and assemble pretty pictures, but I realize I DON'T love the time that must go into a decent blog post.

 Blogging is for many designers is nearly a full time occupation. And so many in the color/design field are brilliant at it! Some of my fellow colleagues over the years have decided that blogging is simply too distracting and takes away time from other projects, work, and life.  So I have decided to leave the blogging to the professional bloggers and make time for all of the other fun color and clothing projects I've gotten into. 

However, this is far from goodbye!  I really hope you will "LIKE" my little page on Facebook. I will be posting before and after pictures here as well as colorized pictures of how I'd like to redo architecture given the chance (one of my favorite things!)  I am also on Pinterest and have a board related to color and one about design.  Feel free to meet up with me there! 

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 Many of you have followed me for nearly 5 years and for that I say a profound and grateful THANK YOU!!!!