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Monday, September 17, 2012

Office After Pictures

Back in March I made the bold step of signing the lease on a small office out at the Alameda waterfront.  It had a lot going for it which won me over, including low price, flexibility and location.  While most colorists only work on site with clients, I wanted a space where I could potentially meet with clients as well.  This little office also works double duty housing my little fledgling clothing business. 

Sandwiched between a marina and the ocean is pretty sweet (though I not so secretly yearn for the larger nearby corner office with a view of San Francisco).

My lovely landlady even allowed me to paint the office. Almost unheard of these days!   I immediately thought about a dark gray and settled on Rocky Coast by Benjamin Moore (1595) in Aura. It was deep gray without unwanted undertones.

 As I mentioned in my March post, most of my office items came from Craigslist, Etsy, thrift stores and good 'ol Homegoods.  It's a fun challenge to outfit an office on a budget AND to be able to do it completely in the style you want. My poor husband had to help me haul the heavy items up to my second floor office under the vow that I was going to stay put here for awhile!  While I'm always looking for little items to add here and there, but this is how it looks so far:




The white dresser was found nearby on Craigslist and is from Lane furniture perhaps 1960's era. Very heavy! Drexyl lamp and chair is from Homegoods.

 My favorite item-the antique coral velvet chaise lounge was also a find on Craiglist from a storage liquidator.

It's been wonderful to move most of my color "stuff" out of my home and into it's own space.  I never fail to smile when I open the door and know that this is my own little corner of the waterfront.