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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Happiness of Orange

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and the gateway into a festive season of parties and celebrations. The appearance of vibrant oranges in the changing leaves, Halloween decorations and pumpkins are a welcome change in palettes after the softer hues of summer have come and gone. Orange has many positive associations and really no negative cultural or emotional associations. Orange is often seen as jovial, energetic, lively and social. In design, as with red, a little can go a long way with most people! However, when subdued and darkened, deep oranges are a wonderful consideration for interior and exterior design. Deeper oranges can add a natural, soothing feel to a room while brighter orange accents can bring a needed pop of warmth. If you find yourself continually headed into your safe zone of tried and true colors, consider exploring orange......and have a Happy Halloween!