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Friday, July 30, 2010

Color for Colorphobes and the Commitment Shy

Quite often, I run into a situation where I'm playing referee/marriage counselor and sometimes even parent/child counselor in the arena of color. Everyone has different tolerance and comfort levels for color and this comes to a head when it's time to paint. Strong opinions about color usually arise when one client feels the need for some fun, punched up color, whereas the other partner or family member feels uneasy outside of comforting neutrals.

I hate to draw predictable, clean lines down the sexes and single out the guys for color fear ( I've certainly experienced male clients who push for more adventurous color at the consternation of their partners!) but this is quite often the case, (sorry guys!) I for one, am married to a man who loves vivid, bright, might I even say, loud colors-so I know you're out there, men!

My job as a colorist is to bridge the desires of both and find solutions that they not only can live with, but love. Sometimes, choices can be ruled out based on furnishings, finishes or other elements in the room. Other times, compromises can be made in other ways. The first rooms I turn to for areas of adventurous color are the smaller, less used rooms in a home such as the laundry room (if you're lucky enough to have one!) and powder rooms or guest bathrooms. Tiffany Blue is a fun color I've seen and had requests for in laundry rooms.

Cottage living

Not only are these out the flow with the rest of the home, they are seldom occupied for long periods for time. Also, they don't require a great deal of paint and can easily be repainted if one tires of the color.

Some people are intrigued with the idea of color but have commitment issues when it comes to painting an entire room in an adventurous color. This is when a pop of color in a closet, cabinet or even a drawer may satisfy that need.

Apartment Therapy

Wow! A great way to embrace a little red!
I could see this in my dining room built in cabinets.


Martha Stewart

Color can fit in anywhere. Even a tiny medicine cabinet!
Also a great way to use wallpaper or contact paper.

Design Sponge

I love the concept of recapturing space in a home and using in new ways. A burst of color personalizes it.
Closet office anyone?

Country Living

What creative ways have you used to introduce color or use it in harmony with a color phobe in your home?

If you need a color referee or simply some color consulting done for your home or businesses - interior or exterior, please contact me: Marie@ColorMarie.com

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guest Post for Hue Consulting-Car Color Trends

I was thrilled to write a guest post for my lovely colleague, Rachel Perls, who is enjoying her maternity leave. She has a fantastic blog, Hue, which enjoys a large following of devoted fans, including me! Since I have two car crazy boys, I thought it would be fun to explore the world of car color trends.

Hope you'll swing over and visit:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Design and Mantelscapes

Welcome to Summer 2010!
What fabulous plans do
YOU have?
Do you like to seasonally change things up in your home or bring out accessories to reflect summer? I have a large stash of seashells, old coral and other items collected on travels over the years. Careful editing means not all of them are hauled out of the basement anymore. Some end up on the dining room shelves and in apothecary jars around the house. I had fun putting together the mantel this year with a mix of blues, coral, starfish, shells and modern graphics.
Photo by me!

Did you know these are often referred to as "mantelscapes"? Definition: Mantelscapes are a unique blend of decorative accessories tastefully arranged on ones mantel, also known as mantel decor. I guess this is the cousin to the design term "tablescapes"? Kind of a silly word but I'll go with it.... Whatever your designs are for the summer, make every second count. Don't forget to go outside often and enjoy the actual landscapes awaiting you!

Here are some more inspiring summer mantels:
Look at this amazing DIY project from Georgia Peachez Blog! What a great idea for a beach house where it's seashells all years round:
Housedressing Company

Scale, color, variety and not too symmetrical groupings are key for getting that casual summer look
Jenny Sisney

Summer can also be more urban and understated
Kara Butterfield

......or whimsical and thrifty!

Apartment Therapy


The summer season inspires more whimsical, carefree decorating. A great time to hit the thrift stores and garage sales! What are your favorite decorative items for the summer?