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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the Love of Chrome Chairs and Craigslist

 Vintage Memorex ad with classic Le Corbusier chair

Style cycles are funny animals. What we once loved in fashion and design suddenly goes from looking wrong to completely outdated to hot once again in relatively short order. Some styles manage to transcend time and remain classics. Take chrome chairs. The classic Le Corbusier chair always looks great. The 1970's Milo Baughman style chairs to me, not so much......until recently. 

Apartment Therapy

In my daily reading of blogs, I've been wooed by the pictures of chrome chairs used in design. Must fit one of these in somewhere in my own home! 

 Design Pad

 Design Pad

 All The Best Blog

For the Chrome Shy, just a touch of Chrome:
Let's Buy It, UK

After many years, I finally got the time and courage up to rearrange my living room. Out went the slipcovered white slipper chairs that were never really that comfortable. My beloved faux mohair sectional got split up into two components. 

I fell in love with a yellow bamboo detailed china cabinet from the early 1960's found in an antique store (more on that in another post). But one thing was missing. One of these 70's chrome chairs. On Craigslist I searched and searched, and finally found one such chair. 

Though I love the light blue velvet, it doesn't quite mesh in this room. Hopefully the future will see it in Navy, slightly deep teal velvet. For now it's happy in it's place and has many admirers in my friends who have been by to visit.


K&B by the Sea said...

Who would have thought that chrome chairs and brass would make design comebacks! Let's just hope avocado kitchen appliances don't make a reappearance ;-)

Congrats on your Craigslist find :-) Too bad the light blue velvet doesn't work in your room, it's such a pretty colour.

Marie Brady said...

Yes, Kelly, I'm hearing from my friends who are seeing the chair to just keep the blue. Luckily, I can't afford to reupholster it at the moment, so it will stay light blue.....it is growing on me! I'm also praying no return to harvest yellow/ avocado green appliances. I think us designers would riot!

Unknown said...

I love those craigslist chairs!

Design Elements said...

love these chairs too. The 1st image is great

Latte Machine said...

I love those chairs. A have pair even from preliminary “wave”. I just change cover because previous was too frayed. And I have to say that in interior of my room they always look great.

Anonymous said...

I love that blue chair? is that a Milo B... chair? How much is it worth ?

Marie Brady said...

I don't think it's a Milo B. but I got it for a $100 or somewhere in that ballpark. I'm sure it's worth more! It's become my favorite chair in the house!