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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Colorful Music Inspired Art of Tim Bavington

Image: Mark Monroe Gallery

A little eye candy for your enjoyment. For anyone like me who is a color junkie and rock music lover, Las Vegas artist, Tim Bavington has managed to meld both into astonishing works of art. Bavington uses auto paint spray guns to visually create songs from bands such as the Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, The Clash and Jimi Hendrix. Matching the 12 tones on a musical scale with the 12 main divisions on the color wheel, he translates the songs into abstract neon colored displays which practically vibrate with the music they are transposing.

Long May You Run-Neil Young

The process is more emotional and suggested rather than rigorous interpretations. While the color patterns appear sharp at a distance, the bands of color blur dramatically as one takes a closer look at each painting. The boundaries of color blurring and layering like the notes in a song.

The End-The Doors

Judy is a Punk-The Ramones

Bavington at one time was involved with drawing for The Simpson's on everything except the animation (comic books, etc.) But he was drawn towards mid-century abstract art as well as music spanning the ranges from jazz to alternative rock. He likens the starting point in each piece to that of a guitar soloist fleshing out a simple song and adding layers to it.

Blue Monday-New Order

He currently has an exhibition at the Mark Moore Gallery in Culver City, California. Many of his pieces are part of collections at many museums including the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Love on the Rocks-Neil Diamond

Bold as Love-Jimi Hendrix

Up in Suze's Room-Paul Weller

Physical S.E.X. by Darkness (collection at MOMA)


Unknown said...

That's really cool, Marie! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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Elizabeth Brown said...

Darn it. I see he had a show in Seattle last fall. I think these really need to be viewed in person to get the feeling they are conveying.
Thanks, Marie for enlightening!

Marie Brady said...

Above was translated fro Portuguese:
Good day I read a little of your page very much appreciate, I am amazed to see that u r great!
Go on with your page!

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Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Thank you for stopping by today :) This post is wonderful, I really enjoyed it! Have a great week.