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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Design and Mantelscapes

Welcome to Summer 2010!
What fabulous plans do
YOU have?
Do you like to seasonally change things up in your home or bring out accessories to reflect summer? I have a large stash of seashells, old coral and other items collected on travels over the years. Careful editing means not all of them are hauled out of the basement anymore. Some end up on the dining room shelves and in apothecary jars around the house. I had fun putting together the mantel this year with a mix of blues, coral, starfish, shells and modern graphics.
Photo by me!

Did you know these are often referred to as "mantelscapes"? Definition: Mantelscapes are a unique blend of decorative accessories tastefully arranged on ones mantel, also known as mantel decor. I guess this is the cousin to the design term "tablescapes"? Kind of a silly word but I'll go with it.... Whatever your designs are for the summer, make every second count. Don't forget to go outside often and enjoy the actual landscapes awaiting you!

Here are some more inspiring summer mantels:
Look at this amazing DIY project from Georgia Peachez Blog! What a great idea for a beach house where it's seashells all years round:
Housedressing Company

Scale, color, variety and not too symmetrical groupings are key for getting that casual summer look
Jenny Sisney

Summer can also be more urban and understated
Kara Butterfield

......or whimsical and thrifty!

Apartment Therapy


The summer season inspires more whimsical, carefree decorating. A great time to hit the thrift stores and garage sales! What are your favorite decorative items for the summer?


Anonymous said...

Great mantels: I love the sea glass; the colors and textures against the white are wonderful.
I find coasters are another great way to "change it up"! There are such cute ones out there and so much variety. They're sort of like throw pillows: so colorful and versatile!

Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

These are all gorgeous ideas. I especially like the photo that you took. The blues are so refreshing! Thanks for visiting Color Sizzle!

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm back from a vacation and just catching up on old blog posts... I LOVE the green mosaic fireplace. It's so fresh, happy and unexpected. The yellow wall is a perfect background. Corals and seashells are so much fun to collect and so hard to display! I love them in the bathroom...

VICKY said...

Fabulous post,I think it works much better than green would….but there’s not much you can do about an obsession! I am amazed the ideas.it’s cozy and warm and a great summer design.informative blog and inspiring. thanks.