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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Very Colorful Film Test From 1966

While I am waiting to complete an interview with a colleague for this blog, I thought I would share a fascinating 16mm color test filmed in 1966. My thanks to Mary Cosola who found this gem on YouTube. They apparently used the footage to calibrate the color in film. The person who posted this video explains that this was Kodak print stock from the 1960's and that this film held it's intensely saturated color over time, unlike the films they switched to in the 1970's. There is no sound which gives the video a further strangeness as you watch the actors stand and smile in different indoor/outdoor lighting situations. I would love to know more about these tests and how they set up these video segments. The interiors are fascinating while some of the actors look like they're waiting uncomfortably for their lines! I'm kind of loving those shiny yellow kitchen cabinets towards the end! Click on the link below:


Allison Shops said...

Interesting video. Thanks for posting. If I had seen on TV, I would have thought they had been retouched!

Thank you for leaving a comment on the turquoise lighting over at AtticMag.


Kelly, Arte Styling said...

so fun, marie! thanks for sharing. these just crack me up...

DesignTies said...

I'm impressed by how bright & vibrant the colours are. The segment with the hand passing over the different coloured fabric swatches was interesting to watch.