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Monday, August 31, 2009

Front Door Colors

I've always been fascinated by front door colors. They can add balance to the color design of a home, throw it off kilter, or simply sit there doing nothing. It's a treat to see doors that look welcoming, intriguing, classy, playful or simply fit the personality of the homeowners.

I love the historical and cultural background that door colors have. In Feng Shui, door colors have great significance because the door symbolizes the flow of good energy into the home or "mouth of Chi". Although red has traditionally been the color of a Feng Shui door, many practitioners believe the color is determined by which direction your door faces. South doors are often acceptable in yellows, oranges, reds, purlples, pinks, greens or browns. Irish lore suggests that wives often painted the color of their front doors a bright color to help their men find the right door after a night at the local pub! Many early American doors and shutters on homes in the Civil War era were painted with the well known Charleston green color of black-green when the Union donated huge amounts of black paint to the rebuilding effort in the South. The Southerners, ever fond of color, added green to the black.

Have you looked at your front door lately? Look at it from the perspective of someone coming to your home. What is the color saying about you and your home? Is it doing you and your home justice? Most American door colors are white, red, black or stained wood. But how fun to see a deep yellow, navy blue or sage green door! The trick is whether your architecture, other exterior home colors and landscaping will embrace it. Often, neutral colored or brick homes can use a shot of fun door color. Another trick is using the opposite color family from your main home color if you want your door to stand out....such as a yellow door on a deep blue home. Not sure? Hiring a color consultant is an easy, affordable way to help you decide.