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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do You Dare?

Red is a color that evokes so much color and emotion. It's a color that often both scares and intrigues my clients. On the positive side, red is often associated with passion, excitement and speed. It's thought to stimulate the appetite. On the negative side, red can be viewed as aggressive, gaudy and overpowering. No wonder it's used as an attention getter in important sign age and visual cues. It's can overtake whatever else it sits with like a boisterous, attention grabbing extrovert. Red is a color to use with knowledge and care.
Personally, I love red so much that I've yet to tire of my glossy red dining room walls after 8 years. People feel drawn to red. I find guests often love to stay put in this part of my home! It took a long time to find the right Chinese lacquer red I envisioned, but it was worth it (Benjamin Moore-Heritage Red). Reds can range all the way from blue based reds (like a strawberry) to the yellow based reds (think tomato). Brownish reds, orangish reds and pinkish reds further add to the dilemma of choosing the perfect hue. Red can be terribly fatiguing on the eye so it's not a recommended visual ergonomic choice for office space or other areas where you are spending a lot of time. It can cause what's called “after images” when the eye looks away from the area of red. In the case of my dining room, the color is broken up by wood paneling, wall art and windows which somewhat dilutes the visual strain of a shiny red room. (Pictured at top) For those who don't wish to commit to an entire red room, an accent wall, red accents or a red powder room may give you the fix of red you desire.